Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How time flies

It has been a while since i posted the last blog. Its like 3 months kot? Even cerite pegi interivew pn tak habis sambung n i wont bother to continue that story coz im already got the job. Yeap, in KFH. At first, my name was not listed with those who got the job but some who have been short listed rejected th offer, so name saye naik la.it was all last minutes call bla bla n bla...n now, i am already two month in KFH as YLDP Trainee Executive, One year job rotation training and bonded for 3 years including training period. Wei, xbleh lari weii...3 tahun tu better wat keje bagus2 kot2 promoted kan alhamdulillah.

After two months being into the phase of working life, i feel like eveything happened too fast. Sometimes i could not manage to breath, and the new phases of life came. Every month i have to fit myself with new division, new rotation, new people, new table, new PC, new task and new environment. mau tak mabuk, baru nk comfortable dengan current division then masuk division baru. masyaAllah.

Now alhamdulillah im getting used with it. I have to motivate myself, get motivation from people around me and people i love and give positive momentum to people around me too. Im trying too even tho its hard. Coz some of us which is my YLDP team already demotivated to work and so on. What i can say to them is that..whatever work we do will always has its own challenges that we must face.Either you like it or not.. U must purify yourself and change the mind set that you like the job, that is what you want and plan the future with what you have now and live your life.

Ya ya ya..easier said than done but at least it is worth TRYING rather than sitting and envy with other people's success....

And now, i am praying that while facing the challenges in working life, Allah will give me someone who can take care of me, guide me to stay stronger and lead me to the straight path....Oh Allah, may he is the only and last person i will love ever in my life

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