Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homo economicus Vs Homo islamicus

hah apa benda tu?..benda ni lah tgh study skarang ni.actually it just a terms in Islamic economic which explains the role of a Man/khalifah as an economic agent. Homo economicus refer to secular economic agent in which they are separating the religion with their practices in trying to get everything that they need by any means to maximize their satisfaction regardless if it's harming themselves, family or society. In compared to homo islamicus, an economic agent will not separate themselves with religion in striving their needs in this world. Meaning..........Whatever they do to attain their needs should be followed by the objective of gaining plessure of Allah and at the same time maximizing their satisfaction without going astray from the syariah.

setakat ni tu je lah kefahamanku bile baca berpuluh2 pages notes dalam satu article.Takdelah banyak ni je yang faham.cume banyak ni je yang mampu nk explain.faham tu faham,tapi nk sampaikan kepada orang banyak ni jela dlu.Bahasa yang digunakan oleh scholars sungguh tinggi sampai nk faham kene baca 2 3 kali.tu baru satu article.hehe.tomorrow akan sambung baca article lain pulak.kene faham betul2 before buat assignment..khansa boleh!!..yeahh~~

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